Listing Presentation

The first step to selling your home is to schedule a Listing Presentation with us at your home. This crucial step in your home-selling process will set the foundation for how your property is marketed and ultimately sold. Let’s take a closer look at what we’ll accomplish during our meeting:

home seller thinking of goals for selling home

YOUR GOALS: Our meeting will start with questions about your home selling goals, expectations, and desired timeline. If you have past real estate experiences, share them with us. Let us know what you thought went well and what could have gone better. Also, let us know of any potential challenges that you think may arise during the selling process.

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HOME TOUR: Next, you’ll take us on a tour of your home. The walkthrough of the property will give us a better sense of its layout, condition, and potential selling points. Let us know of any upgrades or renovations you’ve made. During this time we may take notes and photos to reference later on for your market analysis and marketing materials.

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LOCAL MARKET: After the home tour we’ll sit down and discuss current market conditions, such as average sale prices, days on market, and inventory levels. This information will help you make a more informed decision about your listing price and timeline